A Recipe for Love

Can’t Stand The Heat
Release Date: September 1, 2009

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“Sue’s Must Reads.”

     — Sue Grimshaw, Borders Books

“Exceptional culinary detail and page-singeing sexual chemistry combine with a fascinating group of characters to produce a sophisticated modern romance that ties into the current foodie craze. This debut—first in a projected "Recipe for Love" series—will win over most contemporary romance fans.”

     Library Journal

“In her wickedly entertaining debut, Edwards dishes up a captivating contemporary romance expertly seasoned with plenty of sizzling sexual chemistry and deliciously tart humor.”


“The simmering chemistry comes to a boil in this deliciously sensual and delightfully amusing debut.”

     Orlando Sentinel

“. . . I didn’t really feel like I had read a book; I felt as if I’d been a part of the story. That’s very difficult to achieve . . . several times reading this one I thought to myself, “This woman could be the next Susan Elizabeth Phillips.” And I don’t write that lightly.”

     The Columbus Dispatch Story Line: 4 / Hot: 3 Flames / Happily Ever After: 4 Hearts

“The main characters felt like friends and the secondary romance involving Miranda's brother helped keep things moving. One of the best parts was discovering an excerpt of Edwards's next book featuring a minor character from this one—giving me another book to look forward to...Can't Stand the Heat? I say, get into this kitchen!”

“This playful culinary confection is a lighthearted and entertaining romance that will delight readers. With all the behind the scenes revelations, you’ll never look at cooking and meal preparation in the same way again. Steamy and satisfying fare, indeed”

     Fresh Fiction

“I loved Can’t Stand The Heat . Louisa Edwards has written a great debut novel, and I look forward to reading more of the Recipe for Love series.”

     — Beautiful Reads

“. . . Snappy, exciting, adventurous, and totally unexpected. Can’t Stand the Heat . . . is one of the best light-hearted culinary, romantic novels this reviewer has read in a very long time! Grand job, Louisa Edwards.”

     — Crystal Reviews

“In Can’t Stand The Heat, author Louisa Edwards has cooked up a sassy and sexy contemporary romance. With the popularity of the Food Network so prevalent these days, this novel has arrived just in time to delight foodies and readers both. The food descriptions alone in this book are enough to set your mouth watering. Edwards includes some incredible recipes that are mentioned in the story, as well as a sneak peak into her next chapter of the Recipe For Love series. I predict a delicious future for this new writer.”

     — Sharon Gallagher Chance, Las Vegas Review Journal

“Can’t Stand the Heat is the first novel in her Recipe for Love series, and what a start it is. All of the characters are portrayed in such a revealing light that you will remember them for quite some time. I love the sensuality as well as the conflict. I have become a fan of this author and cannot wait to read more in her series, along with any other works she comes out with!”

     — Coffee Time Romance (5 Stars)

“The author blends love and recipes into a fun romp...Fans will enjoy the pizzazz and flavor that Louisa Edwards brings to her warm tale.”

     — Genre Go Round Reviews

“A funny, lovable story about two unlikely people falling for each other. The plot, characters, and setting comes together to form a wonderful, light-hearted, culinary romance that is a blast to read and I can't wait for the next Recipe for Love novel!”

     The Book Lush

“Delish! Creative debut author Louisa Edwards will have you eating out of her hand as you read her witty, insightful, foodie romance...Can’t Stand the Heat is filled with steamy passion, realistically described settings, a distinctive plot and characters that beg for their own stories. Watch for more to come from this talented new author.”

“Have you ever read a book that is so engrossing that you miss getting off the bus, skip dinner and stay up late in the night just to find out what happens? If it’s been awhile since you read such a magnetic story, Can’t Stand The Heat will end your reading rut.”

     — Amy Wroblewsky, / 5 Hearts

“. . . I closed the book satisfied. I’ll take a second serving of happy alpha.”

     — / B-

“. . . one of the best heroes I’ve read this year . . . There is some gifted and joyous character development at work in Adam and in his friends, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed following scenes with him, or from his point of view . . . The strength of this novel is substantial . . .”

     — Smart Bitches, Trashy Books / B

“This is Louisa Edwards’ first book, and it is really good . . . I can’t wait to read more by this new fantastic author!”


“From start to finished, I devoured and enjoyed every moment of this book. Miranda and Adam worked well together like...honey and cayenne pepper...a little sweet and a little spicy with an end result to make you say “Wow”. . . If you love cooking, . . . you will love Can’t Stand the Heat by Louisa Edwards.”

     — Cheryl’s Booknook

“Here’s the thing: Edwards manages to saturate this book with fascinating cooking and restaurant business details by weaving them seamlessly into the characters and plot. I never felt like the victim of an info dump. I just felt like I was being told a very interesting story about a world I don’t know by someone who knew what she was talking about.”


“I love storylines that have the hero and heroine pitted against each other in a professional capacity. Add in a restaurant setting and I’m in heaven. Well, I’m in heaven as long as the book lives up to its promise. I’m pleased to report that Can’t Stand the Heat by debut author Louisa Edwards definitely lived up to its promise.”

     — All About Romance / B+

“Mmmm . . . Louisa Edwards’ debut effort—Can't Stand the Heat—is yummy!! The witty repartee between Miranda and Adam, the snappy dialog between Adam and his staff, make this a fun, sizzling, read. Loved Frankie. Loved Jess. Loved Adam teaching Miranda how to poach eggs. And all the food talk in between these covers? Make sure you're not reading while hungry.”

     — Drey’s Romance




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